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How are women like us actually living up to the pressure to balance everything, to have it together physically, emotionally, and financially?

The truth is most of us don't.

Perfection is a myth we all fail.

While raising babies and growing seven figure businesses online I spent years helping women look at these three areas in their life, being strong physically, emotionally, and financially.

But how, does someone learn to actually do that? This podcast is here to give you the answer.

Join me as I pull back the curtain and talk about the things that nobody usually talks about. Where I share my real raw stories and give you tangible strategies on ways you can work through some of the same vulnerable issues we all face.

My name is Natalie Hodson and welcome to the Pulling Back the Curtain Podcast.


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Feb 18, 2021

In this podcast episode, I have a really powerful discussion with Molly Galbraith


Ten years ago, Molly founded Girls Gone Strong. According to Molly, it started as a simple Facebook Page, and has now evolved into the world’s largest platform providing evidence-based, interdisciplinary health, fitness, nutrition and pregnancy information for women and the professionals that work with them.


For the last seventeen years, Molly’s collected insight from her community about things like scarcity mindset — where women feel like the success of other women is leaving less success for them, or that they don’t amount to the same success. She says women have more opportunity and power than ever, yet there’s still a really big gap. Her platform is all about learning to love ourselves, learning to lift other women up, and learning how to acknowledge negative feelings within ourselves and how to change them. 


Molly wrote a book called Strong Women Lift Each Other Up where she shares the psychology of behavior change. She is passionate about getting women to feel like they can do what they say they’re going to do… and to feel comfortable in their own skin as they do it. She’s so honest, talks about really vulnerable topics, and is truly passionate about women supporting other women. 


I truly got goosebumps every five minutes reading this book! I promise you’ll get so much out of this episode! 


To download a FREE chapter of her book, click HERE! And if it resonates with you, you can pre-order it now on Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble, Audible, Kindle, or Bookshop! 


Find Molly on Instagram @themollygalbraith

Find Molly on Facebook 


Thank you so much for your message and for this discussion, Molly!


Please enjoy!


xo Natalie